In the bustling landscape of retail in East Africa, Two Rivers Mall stands tall as one of the region’s largest retail spaces. However, even giants face challenges, and Two Rivers was no exception. Like many businesses, they grappled with procurement inefficiencies that hindered their growth and operations. But with the adoption of, Two Rivers Mall embarked on a journey of transformation, revolutionizing their procurement processes and setting a new standard for efficiency in the industry.

Challenges Faced
  1. Decentralized Procurement: Two Rivers Mall operated with a decentralized procurement system, lacking a dedicated procurement department. This decentralized approach led to inconsistencies, delays, and a lack of centralized control over procurement activities.

  2. Lengthy Paperwork: Procurement at Two Rivers Mall involved cumbersome paperwork, creating bottlenecks in the procurement process. Lengthy documentation processes slowed down operations and impeded agility.

  3. Cumbersome Approval Follow-up: Tracking and obtaining approvals for procurement activities were cumbersome tasks. Manual follow-up for approvals led to delays and inefficiencies, impacting the overall procurement cycle time.

Challenges Faced
    1. Efficient Procure-to-Pay: streamlined Two Rivers Mall’s procure-to-pay process, making it straightforward and efficient. The platform digitized and automated procurement workflows, reducing cycle times and improving operational efficiency.

    2. Simplified Purchase Order Management: With, anyone at Two Rivers Mall could easily raise a purchase order, solicit quotes, add suppliers, and attach necessary documents. This streamlined approach simplified the procurement process and enhanced collaboration across departments.

    3. Mobile Approval Workflow: facilitated on-the-go approvals through its mobile platform, eliminating the need for manual follow-up and streamlining the approval process. Approvers could review and approve purchase requests anytime, anywhere, improving responsiveness and agility.

    4. Elimination of Paperwork: By leveraging’s digital platform, Two Rivers Mall eliminated cumbersome paperwork associated with procurement processes. This not only reduced administrative burdens but also contributed to environmental sustainability by going paperless.

    5. Efficient Document Management: eliminated the need for couriering documents back and forth by providing a centralized repository for all procurement-related documents. This enhanced document management and ensured easy access to critical information.

Leveraging's Features:
  • Controls: allowed Two Rivers Mall to establish the relation of every spend in association with a budget line, ensuring transparency and accountability in procurement activities.

  • Budget Lines Integration: The platform seamlessly integrated with Two Rivers Mall’s existing ERP system to generate budget lines, providing a holistic view of financial resources and expenditures.

  • Approvers Support: provided support for multiple approvers as required, ensuring compliance with internal approval processes and policies.

  • Spend Management: Two Rivers Mall configured spend limits within, automatically adding specified approvers when thresholds were reached. This proactive approach to spend management enhanced control over procurement expenditures.


With, Two Rivers Mall has transformed its procurement operations, achieving unprecedented efficiency, agility, and control. By digitizing and automating procurement workflows, streamlining approval processes, and eliminating paperwork, has empowered Two Rivers Mall to focus on its core business activities while driving cost savings and enhancing competitiveness. As a testament to its success, Two Rivers Mall sets a benchmark for procurement excellence in the East African retail industry, showcasing the transformative power of innovative procurement solutions.

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