Receive Goods With Ease streamlines the receipt process by providing electronic receipt capabilities and quality inspection features. Easily receive goods against POs, conduct quality inspections, and document any discrepancies or damages for resolution with suppliers.

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Receive Features

Goods Receipt

Receive goods electronically against POs, capturing details such as quantity received, condition, and any discrepancies or damages

Automated Reconciliation

Automatically reconcile received goods with corresponding POs and invoices, identifying discrepancies and streamlining the invoice matching process

Real-time Updates

Provide real-time updates on receipt status and inventory levels to stakeholders, enabling visibility into incoming inventory and facilitating planning and decision-making

Quality Inspection

Conduct quality inspections upon receipt of goods, documenting any defects, damages, or deviations from specifications for resolution with suppliers

Inventory Updates

Automatically update inventory levels upon receipt of goods, maintaining accurate stock counts and enabling timely replenishment of inventory as needed

Partial Receipts

Allow for partial receipt of orders, enabling users to accept delivery of available items while awaiting fulfillment of backordered or out-of-stock items

Dispute Resolution

Initiate and manage disputes for discrepancies or issues encountered during the receipt process, facilitating resolution with suppliers and preventing payment delays

Supplier Management

Provide feedback on supplier performance based on the quality, timeliness, and accuracy of delivered goods, facilitating supplier evaluation and improvement

Document Management

Attach relevant documents, such as packing slips, inspection reports, and photos, to receipt records for documentation and audit trail purposes

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With features such as quality inspection, barcode scanning, and automated reconciliation, expedite’s your receipt process. It guarantees accurate identification and tracking of received items, and reconciliation of received goods with corresponding POs and invoices in real-time.

Error-proof automations

Automate manual tasks and data entries to reduce errors, cut down on lead times, and streamline reviews and approvals across systems and teams

Total centralization

Centralize requests, supplier data, invoices, and payment status in one place with easy access for all stakeholders

Complete integration

Stop toggling between ERPs and accounting systems and integrate with your existing stack for a seamless P2P experience