The Most Effective P2P Software For Accounts Payable Teams

Transformative AP Automation Starts With A Great Solution Partner Vision

Different teams, different processes, one platform.

AP Automation Features

Control spend and enforce compliance in your entire procurement cycle

Invoice Capture

Capture invoices electronically from various sources, such as email and EDI

Payment Processing

Automate payment processing and scheduling to optimize cash flo

Audit Trail

Maintain a detailed record of all procurement activities for compliance and analysis

Invoice Validation

Validate invoices against purchase orders and contracts to ensure accuracy

Compliance Management

Enforce compliance with financial policies and regulations


Seamlessly integrate with existing ERP systems to sync AP data

Workflow Automation

Automate the approval workflow for invoices to expedite processing

Reporting and Analytics

Generate reports and analytics on AP performance and trends

Invoice Matching

Match invoices with corresponding purchase orders and receipts for reconciliation

Supplier Self-Service

Provide vendors with self-service access to invoice status and payment information

Rapid Implementation

How it works in 3 steps


1. Sign up for and customize your account settings to match your procurement needs

2. Invite team members to join and assign roles and permissions accordingly

3. Connect to your existing systems or import relevant data to get started


1. Create purchase requests, manage approvals, and track spending in real-time

2. Utilize AI-powered insights to identify cost-saving opportunities and negotiate favorable terms

3. Maintain transparent communication throughout your procurement process


1. Analyze procurement data and generate comprehensive reports

2. Continuously refine your procurement strategies based on insights gained from analytics

3. Collaborate with stakeholders to implement best practices and drive ongoing optimization of your procurement operations



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Create a seamless and more efficient P2P experience for requesters, accounts payable, and suppliers.
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Increase in compliance
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Reduction in P2P cycle times


E-Procurement for spend management and cost control

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. gives you visibility into your supplier and P2P process performance. Get ready to lower your overall business expenses and increase the efficiency of your procurement processes.

AI-powered procurement

Empower your team to make smarter purchasing decisions, optimize spending, and streamline workflows. Expect faster insights, improved accuracy, and increased efficiency.

Error-proof automations

Automate manual tasks and data entries to reduce errors, cut down on lead times, and streamline reviews and approvals across systems and teams.

Total centralization

Centralize requests, supplier data, invoices, and payment status in one place with easy access for all stakeholders.

Complete integration

Stop toggling between ERPs and accounting systems and integrate with your existing stack for a seamless P2P experience.

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