AI-Driven Approvals enhances the approval process by offering a centralized dashboard for efficient review and action.

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Request Features

Approval Dashboard

Approvers have access to a centralized dashboard displaying all pending requests for efficient review and action

Escalation Protocols

Prevent delays in the approval process by defining automatic escalation protocols for long overdue requests to higher-level approvers

Dynamic Approval Rules

Automatically route requests to the right approvers by defining custom approval rules e.g. request amount or department

Audit Trails

Ensure accountability and traceability with our detailed audit trails of all approval actions, including timestamps, comments, and user identities

Parallel Approval Paths

Reduce approval cycle times for requests that require review by multiple stakeholders simultaneously

Approval Analytics

Optimize approval processes and identify areas for improvement with analytics and insights into approval performance metrics, such as average approval times, bottlenecks etc.

Conditional Approvals

Ensure compliance and risk mitigation by setting conditions for approval e.g. requiring justification for high-value requests

Mobile Accessibility

Submit requests on-the-go using mobile devices, increasing flexibility and responsiveness in the procurement workflow

Your P2P Digital Transformation Partner

Let Our AI Do The
Heavy Lifting For You

We’ve incorporated advanced automation capabilities into our e-procurement technology to empower you with an efficient P2P process. Say goodbye to inefficient P2P workflows, disconnected tools and systems, and information scattered across countless email threads and spreadsheets. 

Error-proof automations

Automate manual tasks and data entries to reduce errors, cut down on lead times, and streamline reviews and approvals across systems and teams

Total centralization

Centralize requests, supplier data, invoices, and payment status in one place with easy access for all stakeholders

Complete integration

Stop toggling between ERPs and accounting systems and integrate with your existing stack for a seamless P2P experience