Smarter, Faster Payments automatically reconciles received goods with corresponding POs and invoices, identifying discrepancies and facilitating resolution with your suppliers.

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Pay Features

Invoice Management

Streamline the processing of invoices by capturing, routing, and approving them electronically within the system

Payment Integration

Integrate with accounting or ERP systems to facilitate seamless payment processing and reconciliation

Payment Analytics

Gain insights into payment trends, vendor performance, and cash flow patterns through robust reporting and analytics features

Automated Matching

Automatically match invoices to corresponding purchase orders and receipts to ensure accuracy and prevent discrepancies

Payment Terms Management

Manage and enforce payment terms with suppliers to optimize cash flow and maintain positive vendor relationships

Invoice Coding

Use AI-powered tools to automatically assign accounting codes and categories to invoices, minimizing manual data entry

Payment Approval Workflows

Establish approval workflows for outgoing payments to ensure compliance with internal controls and financial policies

Supplier Payments

Initiate and track payments to suppliers directly from the procurement system, improving cash flow management

Payment Reminders

Set up automated reminders for upcoming payment due dates to avoid late fees and maintain good vendor relationships

Your P2P Digital Transformation Partner

E-Procurement For Efficient Financial Management empowers Finance Managers and CFOs to manage financial obligations effectively while maintaining transparency and compliance throughout the procurement lifecycle

Unified procurement hub

All procurement-related data, from requests to invoices and payment status, is centralized in one easily accessible platform for transparency and collaboration

Real-time financial insights

Gain real-time visibility into financial data and performance metrics for better decision-making and strategic planning

Complete integration

Stop toggling between ERPs and accounting systems and integrate with your existing stack for a seamless P2P experience