In today’s fast-paced business world, slower companies are simply unable to compete effectively over the long term. If your company takes so long to buy something, it’s probably time to switch to
Our feature-rich cloud-based software will help your company centralize and streamline all your procurement functions. will manage suppliers and help you get the best supplier every time. With our automated bidding process, you can create competitive, time-restricted bidding events that meet your exact criteria such as price, quality, quantity, delivery times, or any other factor that’s important to your procurement process.

It is so easy to raise, modify, or approve a purchase order and because Procure.Ke is available on mobile, you can make approval delays a thing of the past by enabling teams out of office or working remotely, to access information and handle approvals quickly and easily.

All purchase orders follow the necessary approval workflows eliminating the need for manual follow-ups as our dynamic approval workflows automatically assign and notify the designated approvers based on pre-defined policies.


You can use to track budget usage, prevent budget overruns, and control company spending. Our system provides you with real-time, graphical reports making it easier to compare budget to business spend so that you can make comparison and approval decisions with confidence.

  • Save money, save time, and boosts your team productivity by switching to
  • Store all purchasing documents in one location, accessible from anywhere
  • Get approvals faster
  • Start creating and sharing purchase orders easier
  • Get more visibility into company spend
  • See order status at a glance
  • Reduce invoice approval cycle times
  • Simplify expense reporting
  • Make life easier on you and your employees


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