Two Rivers Mall

  • A Decentralized Procurement System. (no dedicated procurement department).
  • Lengthy confusing paperwork.
  • Follow-up for approvals was cumbersome.
Two Rivers Mall


  • Controls - Ability to establish the relation of every spend in association with a budget line
  • Budget lines - Generated from the ERP, Excel, and uploaded to the system.
  • Approvers – Provided support for multiple approvers as required
  • Spend Management - Configured spend limits to automatically add specified approvers when the threshold is reached


  • Straightforward & efficient procure2pay
  • Anyone can raise a PO, get quotes, add suppliers and attach supporting documents
  • Procure2pay goes through the approval matrix & Purchase Orders are generated
  • Approvals are now done on the go
  • No need to courier documents back and forth
  • Zero paperwork