• Allow requests, approvals, invoices, receiving to be done on the go.
  • Make use of idle time during travel.
  • Enable teams, working remotely or on the go to access the necessary information and reports to make and implement purchase decisions faster.

Approval Workflows

  • Avoid Manual procurement approval processes that cause unnecessary delays, increasing the purchasing lifecycle.
  • Streamline your purchase order process with flexible, automated purchase order approval workflows
  • Define purchasing workflows per department and at different financial values based on business processes
  • Handle requisitions according to your Organization's procurement procedures ensuring the right people are notified promptly and have the necessary information to make comparison and approval decisions with confidence.
  • Reduces approval times, eliminates the need for manual follow-ups.

Purchase Order

  • Create, track, and manage your purchase orders in a central searchable
  • Ensure purchase orders follow the necessary approval workflows
  • Add PDF documents, image files, and any type of office documents to your Purchase Order
  • Tracks the details of each transaction across its entire procurement life cycle

Employee Management

  • Manage roles and responsibilities easily by adding, tracking, and managing employees on the system.
  • Easily assign user roles, and control what they can and cannot do on the procurement system.
  • Configure what information you want them to access as well as dashboards for analytics if applicable.
  • Set up approval limits and assign one or more departments to each user.

Supplier Management

  • Optimize the way you identify, evaluate, and work with vendors with the supplier management module.
  • Add, manage, and track suppliers with the click of a button.
  • Suppliers are centrally located in one platform for access Organization-wide making supply addition, identification, raising purchase orders, and re-orders seamless and straightforward.

Budget Management

  • This feature makes budgeting and spend management much more straightforward with real-time, graphical budget distribution.
  • Categorize business spend either by department or location.
  • Provide visibility and control for all the stakeholders involved in understanding the current state of any budget-related to business spend at any point.
  • Easily import and export budgets as well as allocate, approve and track budget distribution by department and location.

Invoice Matching

  • Supplier invoices are automatically uploaded and attached to matching documents, allowing your teams to find and compare all order documentation at any time, from anywhere in one centralized data source.
  • Your accounts payable team has visibility of the entire procurement process to see if the vendor invoice matches a corresponding Purchase Order.
  • Easily access the documents and fully audit trail of approvals and item receiving.
  • Eliminate manual checking with wasted time on calls or long email discussions.
  • Give your staff more time to dedicate to correcting exceptions and other, more valuable tasks.
Invoice Matching

Integrations to
core finance systems

  • Our flexible infrastructure allows for integration with different finance systems
  • We can integrate with today’s biggest ERP, accounting, and SSO platforms including SAP, Sage Accounting, and QuickBooks.